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Building a “wine community” where we can share, learn, and create memories of wine & food was a passion of Bernice Liu. She didn’t know anything about wine 10 years ago, and so she journeyed out on her own as a “travelling wine maker”. There was no one-stop know-it-all-shop before. When our Wine Maven couldn’t find one place where she could ask questions, learn about the wine world, and purchase what she liked in one place, she decided it was time to create this platform to do just that! She knew that there had to be others out there looking for similar products, simple solutions and clear information about wines, just like her. So, Winemaven.io was created!
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Wine Maven | Bernice Liu
Bernice Liu.
The Wine Maven.
I created Winemaven.io because life is complicated enough. We need to cherish the moments and be happy! Winemaven.io is a wine community that shares what’s new, interesting, and worth to try providing one place for all your wining needs. Let me do all the searching and all you have to do is choose and click, Cheers!

What We Believe.

We know that there are so many wines out there that sometimes it can get a bit stressful never mind confusing. That’s why we felt there was a need to create this wine community where we can share, learn, and make it convenient to buy what you like. To go directly to the shop click here..

We also believe that wine is not only a culture but a lifestyle, bringing people from all walks of life together with one commonality which is the love for food and wine! Celebrating generations upon generations, there is so much more to this elixir of life! Find out more here.

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