Blending Wines Is Like Finding Love

There is a saying which goes: “Marriage is like fine wine; if properly tended to, it gets better with time”. To extend this metaphor, the process of blending wine can be compared to that of the steps leading up to marriage.Where the wine-blending process begins with two young grape buds that blossom and grow into fruit, the grape varietals complement each other, and are eventually blended together to make wine.

This could be seen similar to that of courtship in a relationship when two young individuals get to know each other a little better, and it blossoms to a stage when they are a perfect match and become inseparable! At this stage, the couple each feel they cannot live without each other, and marriage becomes the next step.

Similarly, a perfect marriage is like a perfect blend; a match of two or more different grape varietals that harmonise together and result in a wine that tickles your taste buds and kisses your lips. But it doesn’t just end there…

Now, finding that right amount to blend of each grape might not be instantaneous. Just as flirting and playful teasing occurs between two young adolescents, enjoying the process is half the fun! Great things don’t always happen on the first try. Just as it takes the blending of 410 parcels of grapes to make the exclusive Louis Roederer champagne, making wines is similar to that of relationships.

Allow yourself to get to know yourself better, and finding the “right person” whether it be a friendship or a partner for life, blending the right grapes together go hand in hand; it is the process that takes practice and time to find just the right combination.

When it comes to wine blends, there is the well-known Bordeaux blend, which most wine drinkers are familiar with. It often consists of grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot as a base, blended with Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet franc.

Another recognised blend is the GSM blend: granache, syrah and mourvedre, which is also known as the Côtes-du-Rhône blend. Champagne blend and Port blend are also quite well-known blends in the wine world. With more and more blends emerging though, regardless of the type, in other words no matter the different types marriages are out there, the outcome is unique and symbolizes the bond between the two.

Just as a relationship hopes to end happily ever after, the process of blending wine is also just that. In the end, a successful marriage, as with a successful wine (or one that resonates care and compassion), is one that grows more meaningful over the years. Driven by passion, both love and wine can stand the test of time.

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