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The Vision of World Fine Dining

Fed up with a dining experience that spans four to five hours and eight to 12 itsy-bitsy courses? Feel like everything is just way too much – too expensive, tedious, gimmicky, scientific, technical, pretentious, elitist, fake …? Do you think…

Poetsquantsexecs Class Of 2023 B And B Bernice Liu

2023 Best & Brightest Executive MBA: Bernice Liu, INSEAD

Bernice Liu – INSEAD Age: 44 “An artist-innovationist, connecting and facilitating different industries through interactive dynamic platforms. Proud INSEAD-er!” Hometown: Hong Kong is now my home, but I’m originally from Prince Rupert BC, Canada. Family Members: 7 dogs (Mac, Bailey, Latte, Cappuccino, Kahlua,…

老朋友聚会 2

与老朋友聚会 主题是旧世界


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