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Wine, Dine, & All Things InBetween With Bernice +1: Episode 13 w/ Damon Howe of Racks City

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Racks City is a bar in Hong Kong that I have co-owned for over 9 years with a few friends… YES bet you didn’t know that! Well since COVID-19 has had us shut down for awhile, we decided to bring Racks to you and show you how to make a few fun signature cocktails that our regulars love!

If you missed the live chat, no worries, because here is the whole shebang! I’ve also included the recipes for the two Racks Signature drinks below 🙂

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Rackspresso Martini

  1. Chilled coffee
  2. Jack Daniels
  3. Kahlua
  4. Baileys, shaken.

Racks City Sour

  1. Jack Daniel’s Honey
  2. Sour Mix
  3. Cherry Juice, shaken.
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About Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu is a winemaker, wine critic and actress-singer-model based in Hong Kong. She has been a travelling hobbyist winemaker for 10 years, with her Bellavizio wines winning numerous medals worldwide. She is one of the owners of Racks Billiards Lounge HK and CRFT-Pit HK. When not filming or seeking new winemaking adventures, she loves to tickle her taste buds with good food and great wine. An active member of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association, Liu has completed WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Levels 1-3.

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