Wine, Dine, & All Things Inbetween With Bernice + 1: Episode 9 With Wilson Kwok

Ever wonder how to pair mooncakes with wine? We paired 9 traditional and new flavours of mooncakes to wine, and explored what goes with what better or best, with some mooncakes tried for the first time! Go to for the wines and more!

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Listed below are the mooncake types discussed in our Livechat session:

Yixin $328 (tel: 2834 9963)
Classic custard mooncake (Signature!)
Lotus paste with egg yolks
Mixed nuts & caramel

Mandarin Oriental $438 (Mandarin Cake Shop e-store)
Egg custard
Vanilla custard
Chocolate Lava

Cuisine Cuisine $358 (SOLD OUT)
Egg custard
Rose purée & roselle egg custard
Pineapple purée
Black sesame purée & egg yolk

Hilltop Mooncakes $78 for 2 (WhatsApp: 5513 8741)
Lava egg custard
Green tea custard

China Tang $308 (SOLD OUT)
Egg custard
White lotus seed past with double egg yolk

Wines Paired:
* Champagne Louis Roederer Carte Blanche Demi-Sec NV
* Delas Muscat de Beaumes de Venise La Pastourelle Blanc 2018
* Dow’s Fine Tawny
* Sauternes Chateau Rieussec 2009 (special bottle from Wilson!)

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